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Gibson ES300N (L7)

1941 Natural

Rare Pre-WWII Electric Archtop

This one in Stunning Original Condition

FON 3369G 12,  Serial No. 97051

Internal Loom and Parts all Untouched

Spruce Top, Flamed Maple other parts

Early IRC Pots, Large Mallory Capacitor

Early Slanted PU, All other parts Good!

Amazing Condition! Original Case!

£ 7250.00

Stock No. 1219

Please Ask us for Full Details!

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Can’t be REAL?

It IS!

ES-300N 1941


Rare Guitar

Rare Guitar from the Pre WWII period, really an electric L7, initially having a large ‘slanted’ pickup.

This one of 1940-41 has an improved neater ‘slanted’ pickup. Only 134 of these were made as Gibson stopped manufacture when WWII started for the USA. It was re-introduced in 1946 with a P90 pickup. It has a 17” body giving a great tone. It was a quality ‘Top of the Range’ guitar, and to find an example in this amazing condition is RARE. It is sweet to play, with a good action, and Rosewood Finger Board. Its considered a historic guitar,

Being one of the first ever Electric Spanish (ES) guitars as

Gibson named them ever made. Its only predecessor

was the ES-150 Charlie Christian.

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