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Rare Vintage Quality Guitars of Special Interest

Gibson Super 400-C 1951

Sunburst, Rare Guitar, Highest Specification

Excellent Stunning Condition

Added DeArmond Pickup/Controls, Can be Removed, No Extra Holes

Original Case, also in Excellent Condition Throughout

FON No. 4945 = 1950, White Label Serial No. A8022 = 1951

Serious Top Quality Luthier Arch Top, Carved Spruce Top

Flamed Maple Carved Back & Sides, Ebony Board, Klusion Tuners

DeArmond Pickup Assembly Dated: Late 1950’s, Fully Working

18” Wide Body, 3.5” Deep Body

‘Most Beautiful Guitar to Play and Own’


Stock No. 1277

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Gibson L5-C 1952

Sunburst, Rare Guitar

Museum Quality, Mint is not Unfair

Virtually Unplayed, Original Good Case

Carved Spruce Top, Flamed Maple Sides & Back

17” Wide Body, 3 3/8” Deep Body

Good Condition White Label

FON No. 8497 = 1951, Serial No. A11225 = 1952

No Fret Board or Fret Wear, Ebony Board

The most Amazing Flame on the Rear and back of Neck

‘Very Rare Guitar’ The Pure Luthier Sound is Amazing


Stock No. 1274         Please Ask us for Full Details!

David J Pym - Vintage Guitars

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Gretsch Country Club 6196

1954/55 Cadillac Green

Rare Guitar in Museum Condition!

Almost Untouched or Played, Remained in Case

Original Banner Gretsch Case

Serial No. 132XX

All the Features of 1954, Block Markers

DeArmond Dynasonic Pickups

Belonged to Guy Mitchell, Has details

Gold Hardware, 17” Body, Unbelievable!


Stock No. 1201

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Gibson ES-355TDC-SV

Sunburst 1961/62

Museum Mint Condition, Amazing Find!

Unfaded Colour, Hardly Played, Like New!

Original Lifton Case,Tags and Shipping Documents

Ebony Board, Triple Binding, Gold Hardware, Factory Grovers

Serial No. 51364, 2 x PAF Gold Untouched PU’s

‘Rare find in this condition’

 Stereo Varitone, Sideways Vibrola Tremolo

Built in 1961, Left Factory 1962  Investment Grade Guitar


Stock No. 1275    Please Ask us for Full Details!

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Gibson ES300N (L7)

Rare Pre-WWII Electric Archtop

This one in Stunning Condition

FON 3369G 12,  Serial No. 97051

Internal Loom and Parts all Untouched

Spruce Top, Flamed Maple other parts

Early IRC Pots, Large Mallory Capacitor

Early Slanted PU, All other parts Good!

Amazing Condition! Original Case!


Stock No. 1219

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Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster

Rare Guitar. FON = 1960

3 x PAF’s (Unopened)

Flame Sunburst, Only 41 Made

Serial No. 191xx

Rosewood Fingerboard

Original Case, Sharp Cutaway

Superb Condition

‘Amazing top quality Guitar’


Stock No. 1058

Please Ask us for Full Details!

Gibson ES300N

1948, Flame Maple Body

‘Amazing Near Mint Condition’

Kluson ‘f’ Tail Piece

1940’s Gibson Logo

P90 Pickup, Volume and Tone Controls

Bound Neck & Peghead

Virtually  Unplayed!

Superb Low good Action, Major Collectors Guitar

Superb Stunning Example Vintage Gibson Guitar

Original Brown Case


Stock No. 1200

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Gibson L5 Acoustic ArchTop

1936 Sunburst

All Original, Near Mint, As New Really!

Unfaded Colour, Hardly Played, Amazing Find

The Best we have Ever Seen! 17” Wide Body

Carved Spruce Top, Flame Maple Sides & Back

Serial No. 93281 White Label.  FON = 1936

Advanced X- Braced, 5/7-Ply Binding, Block Inlays

 Superb Condition Original Brown Case

Great year 1936!  Investment Grade Guitar

More than just a Guitar - ‘A Work of ART’


Stock No. 1295    Please Ask us for Full Details!

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Gibson Super 400 CES

1969 Orange Sunburst

Near Mint, Museum Quality. Virtually Unplayed

Orange Label, Serial No. 552019. See Owners Details Below

Very Vibrant Colour, the Best Back We have Seen!

Highest Gibson Spec Guitar, 18” Wide Body, Carved Spruce Top

Flamed Maple Back & Sides, Just see the Pictures Below!

Virtually No Players Wear to Ebony Fretboard or Frets

‘As Good as a New One Hanging in a shop Really’

A very ‘As Good As It Gets’ Example for 1969

‘Great Looker, Great Vibe with this Superb Beautiful Guitar’

£ 11995.00

Stock No. 1441       Please Ask us for Full Details!

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Gibson Les Paul Standard

 Gold Top 1955

Rare Near Mint Museum Quality

All Original with Case

Had some minor playing then left in its case!

Serial No. 5 8587 Pots: IRC 1954 Week: 49

43mm Nut.   Medium Profile.   3.63 Kg

Virtually no Wear to the

Rosewood Board or Frets

Just a few marks to rear body

but virtually nil to the front

Is this the best on the planet?

No Wear to Rear of Neck

 Serious Collectors/Players

Investment Grade Guitar

Been in a good climate hence no Corrosion

 Includes Strap, Lead, Strings ‘Superb’

£ SOLD     Stock No. 1427

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Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top 1955

ABR-1 Bridge Version

Near Mint Museum Quality. Very Special Guitar!

Played for a short while and then remained in case. Rare Find!

Virtually No Players Wear, just a few minor Marks only

Serial No: 513915   All Pots: 1955 Week 42. Untouched Control Cavity

Near Mint Lifton Original 5-Latch Brown/Pink Case with Key

Superb Rosewood Board, Very Good Low Action Possible

Investment Grade, Find another of this Quality!

Lovely Great Rocking Guitar

‘Must be Seen to Believe’

£ SOLD  

Stock No. 1302       Please Ask us for Full Details!

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Gibson Super 400 CESN 50th Anniversary 1984 Chinery Collection

Rare Limited Edition 3 of 10. The last 10 Guitars made at the Gibson Kalamazoo Factory

 It was Featured in the Tom Van Hoose Collection Book

From the Scott Chinery Collection. It was Auctioned after Scott’s Death

Its in ‘AS NEW’ Condition.  Original Brown Case

Serial No. 81104003 which denotes 1984 No 3 of 10

All the TOP features of Gibson’s Flagship Guitar. Carved Spruce Top, Flamed Maple -

Sides & Back. 18” Wide Body, Gold Hardware, Ebony Board, and More!

Must be Seen to Believe! The Most Beautiful Guitar you will see!

Stunning Quality! And it also Plays Perfectly with Superb low Action!

‘Rare & Stunning Guitar’


Stock No. 1371         Please Ask us for Full Details!

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Gibson ES-5N Archtop Natural Flame Maple 1955

Rare Guitar - Museum Quality - Near Mint - Unplayed

Flamed Maple Top Back and Sides. 3 - Superb P90 PU’s

FON No. W3205 1.  Orange Label Serial No. A22976

Its said this belonged to Chet Atkins. Because of his relationship -

with Gretsch, it was kept at home. And then went to -

a private collector. Its shows practically no players Wear

It has the Original Brown Lifton Case also in Near Mint Condition.

There is no hard provenance or pictures - unless you know more?

When its viewed in the flesh, its like NEW!  Investment Grade Guitar


Stock No. 1306        Please Ask us for Full Details!

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Gibson ES-5

1952, Highly Flamed Maple Sunburst. 17” Wide Body

‘Excellent+ Superb Condition.’  Some Checking

Vibrant Unfaded Colour, High Spec Guitar!

Serial No. A9922 Oval White Label. FON 8759 = 1951

3 x P90 Pickups with Separate Volumes

Tuner upgrade to Grover Imperials -

Using same screw holes. Only 126 made in 1952

Overall Tone Control, Work of Art! Perfect Low Action

Superb Stunning Example Vintage Guitar

Original Lifton Case. Lacking Pickguard

£ 11500.00

Stock No. 1329

Please Ask us for Full Details!

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Gibson Super 400 1935 Sunburst with McCarty Pickguard

Excellent++, Museum Quality.  Virtually Unplayed.   Amazing Condition!

Early White Label.   Serial No. 93628 = 1935.   Most Beautiful Flamed Maple Back!

Very Vibrant Colour.   The best example of a 400 We have ever seen!

Highest Gibson Spec Guitar.   18” Wide Body.   Carved Spruce Top.   Ebony Board

Flamed Maple Back & Sides.  Just see the Pictures Below!

The pictures show a Phono to Jack Adaptor for Standard Jack Connection

The McCarty 2 x PU Pickguard Completely Removes with only 2 Screws

Has a Modern TKL Super 400 Case

There is only minor Wear to the Frets & Board.  Has Early Superb Grover Imperial Tuners

A very ‘As Good As It Gets’ Example for 1935.  Wonderful Tone that only a 400 has!

Truly the Gibson Flagship of Guitars

‘Great Looker, Great Vibe with this Superb Beautiful Guitar’


Stock No. 1356       Please Ask us for Full Details!

Knight Double Neck Ultra Rare Bass & 6 String 1972

Made Specially for Jon Camp of the Band ‘Renaissance’ by Dick Knight

This Guitar is not only Ultra Rare, its a 1 off, of the Highest Quality and a Work of Art!

It is believed, that a identical or similar one was made also for Mike Rutherford, Genesis

It is in Amazing Excellent++ to Near Mint Condition

Ebony inlaid ‘Tree of Life’ Finger Boards. Superbly done!

 The Body is Mahogany with Beautiful Birds Eye Maple Veneer. Beautifully Bound

Its been in a collection for some time. Details below of the YouTube video with a Demo…

There are pictures of Jon Camp and Renaissance available on the Internet

One very special guitar with its History & Quality. Be very expensive to make today!

£ 10500.00

Stock No. 1346

Please Ask us for Full Details!

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Gibson L5-C Sunburst with McCarty Pickguard

1953 Sunburst

Amazing Rare as Mint as it gets. Like New! Unbelievable! Its like it was purchased, then put -

 away in its case for ever!    No Cracks or Repairs!

It has the virtually Mint Lifton Brown Case too!  WOW!     Medium to Chunky Profile  

Serial No. A15947 = 1953.     FON Y4657 8 = 1953    Wt = 2.95Kg    Nut = 43mm

It has the original White Label.  Its hard to find a mark Anywhere!

It has No Players Wear.  Its been in a good Climate in the USA    PU = 6.35K

It has the Rare McCarty PU Assembly that can be removed/fitted in about 1 minute

It has just 1 screw on the lower side. It is in Mint fully working Condition with Original Lead

You can see from the pictures just how good this guitar is!  Find Another!

The Neck Action & Playability is Perfect, with or without the PU Guard Fitted

Perfect Original Frets with Superb Inlaid Ebony Fretboard.  Investment Grade

£ 14750.00

Stock No. 1439    Please Ask us for Full Details!

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