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Gibson ES Series

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David J Pym

Vintage & Collectors Guitar Stock Lists

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Gibson L5 CESN Custom, Near Mint Condition.

Amazing As NEW Unplayed! With Case              Date: 1996

Stock No. 1237

Gibson L5 CESN Custom Natural Flame 1996  -  5451R2


Gibson ES-135, Reissue, Sunburst, Fantastic Quality.

‘57 PAF’s.  Unplayed as New.    Date: 2002.

Stock No. 1031

Gibson ES-135 Reissue PAF’s Vintage Sunburst  -  08407V

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Gibson ES-135, Sunburst, Fantastic Player.

Great ‘Sofa’ Guitar, nice to play!            Date: 1996.

Stock No. 1017

Gibson ES-135 With P100’s Sunburst 1996  -  68107B

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Gibson ES-150DN Natural.

Near Mint, Stunning Condition. Great Guitar.   Date: 1973

Stock No. 1120

Gibson ES-150DN Natural 1973 - 917351F


Gibson ES-335TD Sunburst with Case.

Near Mint, Like NEW! Superb Guitar.     Date: 1968

Stock No. 1265

Gibson ES-335TD Sunburst 1968  -  SOLD


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Gibson ES-335TDC, Cherry Red, Stop Tail.

All Original, Excellent Condition with Case.    Date: 1963.

Stock No. 1271

Gibson ES-335TDC 1963 Cherry Red Stop Tail  -  81653M


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Gibson Super 400-C, Sunburst, Rare Guitar, DeArmond Pickup.

All Original, Excellent Condition with Case.        Date: 1951.

Stock No. 1277

Gibson Super 400-C Sunburst Rare Guitar 1951  -  793R0


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Gibson ES5 Switchmaster, Superb Cherry Flame, 3 x PAF’s

Only 41 Made, All Original with Case, Rare.           Date: 1961.

Stock No. 1058

Gibson ES-5 Flame Sunburst 3-PAF’s 1961  -  4912F3

Gibson BK Barney Kessel Rare Mint Condition.

Amazing Rare Unplayed Condition with Case!   Date: 1968/69

Stock No. 1252

Gibson Barney Kessel BK-R Cherry Sunburst 1968/69  -  9397V1

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Gibson ES-330TD, Rare Sparkling Burgundy Red.

All Original.  22 Fets, Superb Guitar.  Date: 1966/67.

Stock No. 1161

Gibson ES-330TD Sparkling Burgundy 1967  -  934L


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Gibson Rare L5 Early 17” Body Archtop 1936.

Rare Near Mint Unplayed Example with Original Case     Date: 1936.

Stock No. 1295

Gibson L5 Acoustic Archtop Sunburst 1936  -  SOLD


Gibson ES-150 Sunburst with Original Case.

Jaw Dropping as New Condition!    RARE!        Date: 1950.

Stock No. 1259

Gibson ES-150 Sunburst 1950  -  92257B2


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Gibson ES-175DN, Rare Mint Condition!

Mint with Case, Unbelievable with White PAF Bobbins.    Date: 1959.

Stock No. 1251

Gibson ES-175DN Natural, White PAF Bobbins, 1959  -  312259M


Gibson L5 CES Custom Natural ‘Flagship’ Guitar

Played Excellent Original Condition + Case     Date: 1970.

Stock No. 1221


Gibson ES-345TD, Cherry Sunburst Stereo

Near Mint, Wonderful Player.               Date: 1970.

Stock No. 1084


Gibson L5 CESN Natural 1970  -  SOLD

Gibson ES-345TD Cherry Sunburst 1970 - 634504Z

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Gibson ES-175, Sunburst

Rare Early ES175, Amazing Find!      Date: 1950.

Stock No. 1233

Gibson ES-335TDC, Cherry Red, Near Mint.

All Original Parts, Original Case, Museum Quality!    Date: 1971.

Stock No. 1231


Gibson ES-175 Sunburst 1950   -   4289D0

Gibson ES-335TDC Cherry Red 1971  -  8373W1


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Gibson ES-335TDC, Cherry Red, 1964/5, Custom Order.

Near Mint, Very Rare Guitar, Mono Varitone.     Date: 1964/5.

Stock No. 1089


Gibson Byrdland, Sunburst, 2007.

Mint as NEW with Case, Certificate & Candy.     Date: 2007.

Stock No. 1255

Gibson ES-335TDC Cherry Red 1964/5 Custom Order  -  SOLD

Gibson Byrdland Sunburst 2007  -  SOLD

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Gibson ES-345TD, Sunburst, Stereo.

Near Mint, All Original, Original Case.        Date: 1963.

Stock No. 1092

Gibson ES-345TD Sunburst 1963 - 4788LP

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Gibson Rare Electric Arch Top 1941.

Rare Stunning Condition for this Date.    Date: 1941

Stock No. 1219

Gibson ES-300N Natural 1941  -  6420J3

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Gibson ES175D Sunburst + Original Case.

Near Mint, Stunning Condition & Quality.      Date: 1963

Stock No. 1254

Gibson ES-175D Sunburst 1963  -  1459L2


Very Rare Mint Museum Quality Gibson L5-C.

Original Case, Unbelievable Condition.       Date: 1952

Stock No. 1274

Gibson L5-C Sunburst Archtop 1952  -  SOLD


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Gibson’s Flagship Archtop Natural Flame.

Unplayed as New!  With Case & Documentation.     Date: 1984

Stock No. 1303

Gibson Super 400 CESN 50th Anniversary 1984 Chinery Collection  -  37752G

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Gibson ES-120T, Sunburst, 1964.

Near Mint, All Original, Original Case.      Date: 1964.

Stock No. 1093

Gibson ES-120T Sunburst 1964  -  78258E2

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Gibson L5 CESN Custom, Mint Condition.

Amazing As NEW Unplayed! With Case & Tags.      Date: 1999

Stock No. 1236

Gibson L5 CESN Custom Natural Flame 1999  -  9550Y2


Gibson ES300N Amazing Near Mint Condition.

Flame Maple Top/Back/Sides + Case.       Date: 1948

Stock No. 1200

Gibson ES300N Natural Flame 1948  -  932P2


Gibson ES-225TD, Rare stand alone Bridge version.

Near Mint, All Original with Case.         Date: 1959

Stock No. 1146

Gibson ES-225TD Sunburst 1959  -  62753H3


Gibson ES-355TDC Custom Shop Cherry Red 2008.

Mint as NEW with Case, Certificate & Candy.     Date: 2008

Stock No. 1256

Gibson ES-355TDC Custom Shop Cherry Red 2008  -  SOLD

Gibson ES-5 Superb Flame Sunburst.

Excellent Condition, Rare Stunning Example with Case.  Date: 1952

Stock No. 1190

Gibson ES-5 Flame Sunburst 1952  -  SOLD


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Gibson ES-330TDC, Cherry Red, Stunning Condition.

Original Case, All Original, Near Mint.   Date: 1965.

Stock No. 1232

Gibson ES-330TDC Cherry Red 1965  -  7334K


Page 230

Gibson ES-345TDC, Cherry Red, Excellent Condition.

Vibrant Unfaded Colour, All Original with Case.   Date: 1964.

Stock No. 1258

Gibson ES-345TDC Cherry Red 1964  -  9867H1


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Gibson Super 400 Custom ES Sunburst with Case.

All Original, Near Mint, Museum Quality.            Date: 1969.

Stock No. 1297

Gibson Super 400 CES Sunburst 1969  -  464U1

Gibson ES-330TC, Cherry Red.

All Original, Excellent Condition with Case.    Date: 1962.

Stock No. 1216

Gibson ES-330TC 1962 Cherry Red  -  5255S


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Gibson ES-355TDC-SV, Cherry Red.

All Original, Museum Mint Quality+Case & Tags.    Date: 1961/2.

Stock No. 1275

Gibson ES-355TDC-SV 1961/62 Cherry Red   -  SOLD


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Gibson ES-125, Sunburst, Flame Top.

Near Mint, All Original with Case.         Date: 1963.

Stock No. 1115

Gibson ES-125 Sunburst 1963  -  SOLD


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Gibson ES-335TDC, Maestro Custom Made.

Near Mint, All Original, Mint Case! Rare Find!

Stock No. 1270                                   Date: 1964.

Gibson ES-335TDC Cherry Red Custom Made 1964  -  510759Q

Gibson ES-5N Natural Flame Archtop Rare Guitar.

Museum Quality Near Mint Unplayed.      Date: 1955.

Stock No. 1306


Gibson ES-5N Archtop 1955  -  71253N1

Gibson ES-300, Unbelievable Condition, Sunburst, Near Mint.

Rare Original Guitar, Figured Maple Top & Back.     Date: 1952.

Stock No. 1139

Gibson L5-C with McCarty Pickguard and Case.

Rare Mint like New Condition as you will see!      Date: 1953.

Stock No. 1322


Gibson ES-300 Sunburst 1952  -  8293E2

Gibson L5-C Sunburst 1953 with McCarty Pickguard  -  P883


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Gibson ES-125, Argentine Grey Sunburst.

Mint Museum Quality, All Original, Amazing Find!        Date: 1957.

Stock No. 1285

Gibson ES-125 Argentine Grey Sunburst 1957  -  729A1


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Gibson ES-335TD, Sunburst, Stop Tail.

All Original, Excellent Condition with Case.    Date: 1964.

Stock No. 1290

Gibson ES-335TD 1964 Sunburst Stop Tail  -  115755N


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