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Early 1963 Fender Stratocaster 3-Tone Sunburst.

Near Mint with Superb Brown Case.                     Date: 1963.

Stock No. 1351

Fender Stratocaster 3-Tone Sunburst 1963


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Fender Telecaster Custom Colour Olympic White Maple Neck.

Excellent+ to Near Mint + Case.                                     Date: 1966.

Stock No. 1352


Fender Telecaster Olympic White 1966

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Fender Telecaster Rare Sunburst & Maple Cap Neck.

Excellent++ with Case Superb Example.                     Date: 1968.

Stock No. 1353


Fender Telecaster 3-Tone Sunburst 1968

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Fender Stratocaster 3-Tone Sunburst Early 1959.

Excellent+ Rare Early Slab Board. Rare 10 Hole Single Ply Guard.

Stock No. 1354                                                             Date: 1959.

Fender Stratocaster 3-Tone Sunburst Early 1959


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Fender Precision Bass Custom Colour Sonic Blue.

Nice to see this Example of ‘Sonic Blue’           Date: 1969.

Stock No. 1355

Fender Precision Bass Sonic Blue 1969


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Gibson Super 400 Sunburst with McCarty Pickguard.

Excellent to Near Mint, Museum Quality. Amazing!         Date: 1935

Stock No. 1356

Gibson Super 400 Sunburst McCarty Pickguard 1935


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Gibson Les Paul Standard Rare Bahama Blue 1980

Gibson Les Paul Standard Rare Bahama Blue.

Excellent to Near Mint.  Rare Stunning Colour!           Date: 1980.

Stock No. 1357


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Fender Stratocaster 1957 2-Tone Sunburst.

Excellent to Near Mint Condition. Original Case           Date: 1957.

Stock No. 1358


Fender Stratocaster 2-Tone Sunburst 1957

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Gibson ES-175D Antique Sunburst 1956.

Near Mint Condition!  Amazing!  With Original Brown Case.

Stock No. 1359                                                                Date: 1956

Gibson ES-175D Antique Sunburst 1956


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