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David J Pym

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David J Pym Vintage Guitars -  Mobile: 07808 321523

Hungerford Arcade, 26 High Street, Hungerford. RG17 0NF. England

Tel: 01488 683701       Also Newbury Tel: 03301 137057

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Gibson Firebird V, Non Reverse, Burst Finish.

Stunning Near Mint, Virtually Unplayed, with Case.    Date: 1965.

Stock No. 1239

Gibson Firebird V 1965, Burst   -   SOLD

Gibson Flying V Natural, Limited Edition.

Near Mint with Case. Original 1975.                Date: 1975.

Stock No. 1108

Gibson Flying V Limited Edition 1975  -  SOLD

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Gibson Explorer First Reissue of the Famous 1958-1963 Guitar.

Near Mint Condition with Case.                              Date: 1976.

Stock No. 1350

Gibson Explorer Natural Limited Edition 1976

Gibson Melody Maker, Stunning Example.

Original 1963 with Case!  As NEW!                       Date: 1963.

Stock No. 1189

Gibson Melody Maker Sunburst 1963  -  SOLD


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Gibson EDS1275 Cherry Red, Stunning Example.

As New, Mint, Unplayed with Case.                       Date: 2001.

Stock No. 1230

Gibson EDS-1275 Cherry Red 2001

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Gibson Rare Flying V2 1980.

Unbelievable Like New, Mint, Unplayed with Case.    Date: 1980.

Stock No. 1315

Gibson Flying V2 Bahama Blue Sparkle 1980

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