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Acoustic Guitars:-

Ovation Legend, Sunburst, Original Case. One of the Greats!

Original 1977. Great Guitar!                               Date: 1977

Stock No. 1027


Ovation Legend Sunburst 1977  -  93500W1

Ovation Special Collectors Edition.

Highest Quality & Workmanship Guitar!              Date: 1992

Stock No. 1261

Hohner Acoustic, Natural Finish, Nice Guitar!

Fine Condition.                                              Date: c1985

Stock No. 1069

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Gibson Ovation Collectors Series 1992  -  71151F2

Hohner Acoustic Natural Finish c1985  -  SOLD

Gibson Dove, Spruce Natural Top, Red Flame Maple back & sides.

Near Mint, Original Case, Gold Tuners.                      Date:1995

Stock No. 1107

Gibson J200 Artist, Natural, 1974.

Near Mint. Wonderful Example.                           Date: 1974

Stock No. 1075


Gibson Dove Acoustic Natural.

Near Mint. Wonderful Example, Gibson Case.       Date: 1973

Stock No. 1117

Gibson Dove Natural 1995  -  9125U3

Gibson J200 Artist Natural 1974  -  819250P3

Gibson Dove Acoustic Natural 1973  -  824Y4

Gibson L4C Acoustic Archtop, Sunburst.

Rare Very Near Mint Condition.                         Date: 1968

Stock No. 1218

Gibson L4C Sunburst 1968  -  4258H4



Gibson Hummingbird.

Superb Condition & Player.                Date: 1963

Stock No. 1111

Gibson Hummingbird Cherry Sunburst 1963  -  SOLD


Gibson L7 Archtop, Rare Guitar.

Superb Condition & Player.                Date: c1935

Stock No. 1118

Gibson L7 Archtop Sunburst c1935  -  SOLD


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Taylor Quality Natural Top Guitar.

Unplayed, as New.                                  Date: 1998

Stock No. 1125

Taylor 510CE Electric Acoustic 1997  -  9133J5

Gibson SJ-200 Antique Natural.

Near Mint, as New with Case and Documents.              Date: 2007

Stock No. 1131

Gibson SJ-200AN Electric Acoustic  -  31657T4

Guild D55-SB Finest Quality Guitar.

Wonderful Example, Beautiful Guitar.            Date: 1978

Stock No. 1154

Guild D55-SB Acoustic Sunburst 1978  -  612779D3


Ovation Balladeer, Natural, Original Case. One of the Greats!

Bearclaw Spruce Top, EMG Pickup, Near Mint.        Date: 1979

Stock No. 1140


Ovation Balladeer 1111 Natural 1979  -  43708J3

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Gibson L-50 Acoustic Archtop in Near Mint Condition.

Unbelievable Condition, Beautiful Guitar.         Date: 1961

Stock No. 1169

Gibson L-50 Acoustic Archtop Sunburst 1961  -  SOLD


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Gibson L-4N Acoustic Archtop in Near Mint Condition.

Rare Beautiful Guitar. Quality Action & Playability.        Date: 1951

Stock No. 1171

Gibson L-4N Acoustic Archtop Natural 1951  -  225L2


Gibson KG-11 Acoustic Guitar in Excellent Condition.

Rare Beautiful Guitar with Stunning Sound & Volume!   Date: c1935

Stock No. JD12X

Gibson KG-11 Kalamazoo Acoustic Guitar Dark Burst c1935  -  SOLD


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Martin D-35 Acoustic Guitar, Very Rare Sunburst.

Near Mint with Original Blue Case.                    Date: c1974

Stock No. 1177

Martin D-35 Acoustic Guitar Rare Shaded Sunburst 1974  -  11927Q4


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Rare Very Near Mint Example with Case, Sunburst.

Unbelievable, Virtually Unplayed Condition!           Date: 1968

Stock No. 1178

Gibson B-25 Acoustic Sunburst 1968  -  8156S3

Scarce Gibson XTRA 12 String. Very Near Mint with Case.

Wonderful Top Quality 12 String!                    Date: c1995

Stock No. 1179

Gibson J100 XTRA 12 String 1995  -  218353R4


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Gibson Everly Brothers Acoustic Guitar. Phil & Don Everly.

Near Mint, Original 1967 with Case.                  Date: 1967

Stock No. 1337

Gibson Everly Brothers Natural 1967  -  F1750H0


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