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David J Pym - Vintage Guitars

Fender Stratocaster USA VG Modelling

VG Modelling.  Amazing Active Circuits & Extra Controls

Sunburst, 2007

Maple Neck

Roland Electronics

Original Case + Candy

Near Mint Condition, as NEW!

Wonderful amazing features added by Roland


Stock No. 1127

Please Ask us for Full Details!

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David J Pym Vintage Guitars -  Mobile: 07808 321523

Hungerford Arcade, 26 High Street, Hungerford. RG17 0NF. England

Tel: 01488 683701       Also Newbury Tel: 03301 137057

Email:  davidjpym@btinternet.com     Website:  www.davidjpym.com

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Fender Stratocaster

Sunburst 2007

Roland VG Modelling

Active Circuits & Extra Controls


Original Case & Candy

Amazing Stratocaster Design

Maple Neck

Collectors Dream!