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Fender Telecaster:-

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Fender Telecaster, Candy Apple Red, Bigsby.

Near Mint with Case.                        Date: 1966.

Stock No. 1051

Fender Telecaster Custom Maple Neck.

All Original Near Mint Condition with Case.       Date: 1965/66.

Stock No. 1284



Fender Telecaster, Blonde, Rosewood Neck.

Original Case, All Original.              Date: 1965.

Stock No. 1153


Fender Telecaster Blonde 1965 - 572967

Fender Telecaster Candy Apple Red 1966  -  SOLD

Fender Telecaster Custom Sunburst 1965/66  -  SOLD

Fender Telecaster, Candy Apple Red, Bigsby

Excellent Condition with Case, Beautiful Guitar.   Date: 1971.

Stock No. 1170


Fender Telecaster Candy Apple Red 1971  -  730259U3

Fender Telecaster Black Guard 1954.

Excellent Condition, Amazing Find, Rare Guitar!        Date: 1954.

Stock No. 1293


Fender Telecaster Blonde 1954  -  SOLD

Fender Telecaster Sunburst 1972 Rosewood Neck.

Near Mint Just a few Minor Dings/Dongs.           Date: 1972.

Stock No. 1300


Fender Telecaster Sunburst 1972  -  SOLD

Fender Telecaster Maple Neck with Case.

Rare Guitar in Original Condition. A Rare Find!    Date: 1964.

Stock No. 1206


Fender Telecaster Blonde 1964  -  SOLD

Fender Telecaster, Blonde, Rosewood Neck, White Case.

All Original, Near Mint, Superb Example!        Date: 1963.

Stock No. 1286


Fender Telecaster Blonde 1963  -  8173H5

David J Pym

Vintage & Collectors Guitar Stock Lists

Fender Telecaster Maple Neck, Original Case.

Excellent to Near Mint. Superb ‘Cool’ Example.    Date: 1968/9.

Stock No. 1289


Fender Telecaster Blonde 1968/69  -  SOLD

Fender Telecaster Custom Colour Lake Placid Blue.

Amazing Near Mint Condition with Case.               Date: 1971.

Stock No. 1321


Fender Telecaster Lake Placid Blue 1971  -  T6245P

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