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David, what do you hate the most if you were on room 101?

Expensive Guitars that don’t play well!

How do you rate pop music?

I don’t.

When did you acquire your first serious guitar?

Well I didn't really want one, but I had noticed how the girls went mad for Rock ‘n Roll stars, so I got one, and greased

my hair into  a quiff, got some drain pipe trousers, and never looked back!  

Do you play left or right handed?

Neither really, when first saw Jimi Hendrix play using his teeth, I thought that’s for me! And have used that method ever since.

How long did it take to learn to play well?

I’ve never achieved this yet, but I will never give up. Every time I see a good guitarist, I sulk, and get depressed. When I saw Steve Howe play, I went to bed for 3 weeks to sulk!

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you?

I played a long guitar solo on stage, and at the grand end I dived into the crowd, that sadly had gone home, probably because they had trains to catch. I spent the next 3 weeks in hospital!

What is your favourite guitar?

When I first heard Cliff Richard with ‘Move it’, and The Shadows with ‘Apache’. I was hooked. So it has been, and still is the Stratocaster. I’ve owned so many over the years, I have been keeping Fender going! I think they owe me lots of dosh, I will ask for my share tomorrow!

What to date is your biggest single guitar sale?

I got 47,000 GBP for a mint museum quality 1962 Fiesta Red Stratocaster with full provenance! Wish I still had it, the money I mean!

Which football team do you support?

Manchester United, well they were! Since Sir Alex retired, its been hell and a joke! So I have had to shift my support to Liverpool for now, If United do get it on, I will be back!

Have you ever owned a Les Paul Burst 1958 to 1960?

Yes, only one, sadly some dick decided it needed a new lacquer re-finish because of a few small dings on the body! I could not live with this, so I sold it cheap! I have put aside $12,000 for the purchase of another one. Anyone out there with a totally perfect original one - get in touch now!

Who is your favourite guitarist?

I do like Matt Bellamy of Muse, but before him I followed Ritchie Blackmore, or tried to, as his quick fingers made me dizzy! Unfortunately he went AWOL from Deep Purple, and I went AWOL from life for some time!

What’s the cheapest guitar you have sold?

I don’t have any cheap guitars!

Have you ever smashed a guitar to bits on the stage?

Only once, I tripped over my lead whilst trying to dance and play at the same time. I ended up in the orchestra pit, fortunately, the Ice Cream lady broke my fall, and I was not hurt, but my nice ES335TDC was smashed to hell! Covered in Ice Cream, I quickly continued to destroy the guitar, to make it look like it was planned, and the audience went wild, and loved every minute! Phew! Got away with that one!

Your obviously an educated man, tell us about your education?

I was sent to Borstal from school because I was only interested in the 3 ‘R’s Reading, Righting, and Rock and Roll.

It was terrible there, full of crooks. So I escaped and joined the SAS, but sadly after 3 months they threw me out for being cruel!

Finally David, what do you think of the future?

Well my Bank knows the future some how, WE WILL NEVER PAY YOU ANY INTEREST in the FUTURE - Ever!

Well David, that was…er….Interesting, thank you.

You’re welcome! Just to let you know, I put on a brand new 90 quid shirt especially for this interview!

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